Welcome on the Genealogical website of Bert van de Kragt

On this site you will find the nominal register reports of the families van de Kragt (Vanderkracht), Wesche, Prévôt and Arpot. Since 1990 my wife Lisette and I have investigated those family names together. Everyone is welcome to visit our site. If you have any information concerning one or more persons in our registers, we would appreciate it if you would send us your contribution. Corrections are also very welcome. You can inform us by leaving a message in our guestbook or by email. Generating of the nominal register reports and the family trees were done with Gendatapro.

You will find the nominal register reports and the family trees by activating the item Genealogical registers on the top menu of the page. I would be very interested in pictures of ancestors that can be found in our registers and I would be very pleased if you would donate them to our archives. We will respect all rules of privacy and will ask your permission when we intend to publish them on our site. The next item you find in the top menu is Things worth knowing. Here you will find some stories about ancestors in Holland, Canada and the United States. You can also visit our picture gallery by clicking the Picture gallery. There we will show you some photographs which we have collected from a lot of visitors to our site and our own family archive. In the guestbook you can contact us and give us further information about the persons in our registers and especially when you have some new information for us. If you prefer more privacy you can also contact us by email. We would like to thank everyone who helped us by collecting all the information we gathered over all these years, especially Mrs. Elly Blauw and Mrs. Meta de Vries in Arnhem (Holland) who’s expertise was of great importance when we started our investigations, and Mrs. Jennifer Jo Vanderkracht [1338] in Calgary, Canada, Mrs. Mary Johnson [2389] and Mrs. Lorraine Backer [2353] who have investigated the Vanderkracht branch in Canada.

We hope you will enjoy your visit to our site and we hope we will get some response.

Kind Regards,

Bert van de Kragt